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"We are an extremely versatile studio with a myriad of options and choices"

We offer the highest quality and most advanced print & web design services.


Plan B Expressions is what good graphic design is all about. Typography, illustration, photography, photo retouching, page layout all patiently developed from a well conceived concept and execution plan, through to a polished piece of visual communication. Every project is treated individually, dedicating countless hours into polishing every little detail, and infusing it with the care and passion it deserves.


With years of experience on hand, in graphic design, advertising, photography, image re-touching and many other fields. We strive to make your life easier, your brand more prominent, and to make you more money while costing you less to get your result.

Plan B Expressions wants to shape your story and help you share it with the world.


Plan B Expressions is a full service advertising & design studio providing our clients with over fifteen years’ experience in a multitude of services. We are well positioned to effectively reach target audiences through disciplines such as advertising campaigns, graphic design, websites, product procurement, 3D visualisation and many other services.